I'm a Product Manager consulting at Noora Health, improving the lives of at-risk patients through design. Previously, I led dVerse Labs, an impact innovation studio as well as dHive Labs, an initiative on design education. I also do indiehacking, provide strategic consultancy for companies and scribble drawings.

Scroll down to see some of my high-agency works↓

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Co-founded a healthcare startup to prevent the risk of acquired infections among healthcare workers.

We designed an AI based UV-C steriliser to automatically disinfect confined hotspots

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Graduated at Applied Labs, Delft University of Technology with an M.Sc in Integrated Product Design.

Designed Silly Stompers, a set of soft robotic toys for gender accessible play.

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Designed Equarun↗, a haptic assistive device for deaf-blind runners.

Impacted 40 deaf-blind runners through safe, comfortable long-distance running.

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Set up a children-led innovation lab in the middle of a tribal jungle in India.

Mentored 1200+ children of age 8-15 who led 12+ social innovations.

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Launched Build This, a platform to help builders ship side projects for top entrepreneurs and creators

Launched Clarity, a Chrome extension for taking Youtube notes at the speed of your thoughts

Launched APA's Futures Festival 2021 on Collective Futures 

Building Campfire Book Club, a community for book lovers to cultivate lifelong friendships

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