Shreyas Prakash

I'm a designer turned entrepreneur, now a product manager.

I like creating things— writing, designing, coding, startups. Anything which is positive sum, and impactful. Some topics that currently interest me: ruby on rails, digital gardening, marathon running, interstitial journalling and AI code assistants.

Some questions I'm pondering upon

  • How might we make 1:1 mentorship scalable?
  • How might we redesign cities to eradicate loneliness?
  • How might we make human-in-the-loop AI healthcare solutions accurate, reliable and scalable?
  • What's the goldilocks zone of social-media consumption for teenagers? How much is too much?
  • What would the tech-stack for a one-person billion dollar business look like?

Recent essays

For essays covering various other topics, view my infinite-scroll blog here.