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Reimagine India

Short Summary

COVID impacted the education system of India in a variety of ways. Teachers were grappling with new ways to adapt and implement their curriculum in a completely digital environment, while students are getting adjusted to the study-from-home lifestyle with everything being done in front of screens.

Reimagine India was a hackathon designed to allow children to participate in this conversation and come up with creative ways to solve the challenges facing the Indian education sector.

From the hackathon, one of the motivated teams pursued the solution proposed beyond the hackathon which was then recognised by UNICEF as one of the Top 30 most inspiring Ideas of Change.


Program Design - Web Development - Graphic Design - Creative Facilitation 

Tools Used

Gatsby (React JS), Autodesk Sketchbook



I spearheaded this program along with the other two co-founders of Lead By Design Foundation (formerly dHive Labs). 

My main responsibilities involved the design of facilitator manuals which allowed them to guide children better during the whole program

I was managed the website development as well as the social media strategy to bring in a wide variety of volunteers and children who then participated in the program.

Six months



Krishna Thiruvengadam and Sowmya Lakshminarayan

The kids just rocked it. They went on to build their own website to communicate their journey.

This was just so inspiring for all of us to witness this.

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