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Digital Platforms | Noora Health

Updated: Nov 3

Some of the key highlights as a founding member of the product team include:

Drove 30,000+ patient signups by launching RES, a patient health-related messaging service across Indonesia and Bangladesh, expanding the service in 10 months.

Enabled training of 2400+ caregivers in Indonesia through Sahabat Nakes. Helped launch the service in 12 weeks by driving product decisions.

Lead 40% increase in call-efficiency, saving 80+ hours/week for 30 tele-supporters within 6 months by driving product decisions for the automation of user routing

Raised $100,000 as a private grant by pitching Noora Health to Derek Sivers in an entrepreneurial fashion

Improved customer experience by working closely with govt. partners and healthcare workers. Finalised the scope by collecting quantitative and qualitative insights through workshops, focus groups and field studies.

Launched the RES in Bangladesh and drove 20,000+ signups for mothers across 59 public health facilities. Improved signup rates from 0→35% and engagement from 0→225+ Weekly active users by expanding across 3 digital platforms

Supported the Health Educators Platform team in feature prioritisation, roadmap setting, research, testing and UI/UX development for the app currently used by 320 nurses from 59 public health facilities in Bangladesh

Try out the services

Remote Engagement Service, Bangladesh

Care Companion App, Bangladesh

Remote Engagement Service, Indonesia

We're all a part of the healthcare journey.

When a patient is admitted, you could see most of the family members spending time in the hospital hallways. And once discharged, the caregivers are left confused, and ill-equipped to care for their loved ones. Caregivers are usually left out of the healing process. At Noora Health, we better equip the caregivers to care for their loved ones through the Care Companion program, helping reduce preventable complications.

Noora Health works at the intersection of design and public health, with our flagship Care Companion Program, which has trained nearly 2M families across 300+ facilities across South Asia. Rigorous research on the program shows a reduction in post-surgical complications by 71%, reduction in newborn readmissions by 56% and a reduction in newborn mortality by 18%


Digital Platforms | Bangladesh


Health Educators Platform | Bangladesh


Digital Platforms | Indonesia


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