• Shreyas Prakash

Mood-Project Fit

We are not the same person we were yesterday.

Our past versions are different from our current versions.

And our future versions may also change.

Not just that, we are different versions of ourselves with different people. Each one interacts with a particular shade of our personality.

We don't understand even our own persona completely.

It truly is a spectrum.

Then would annual goals and quarterly plans be meaningless when our personality has changed.

Our numerous selves are having different priorities. How do we coerce our past, present and future to line up with a predetermined outcome (a "mission" or "purpose")

I am not contesting the utility of goals.

In fact, I would argue that it's the only clear way to succeed. Even if what we set as goals might keep changing. You plan to eat an apple, but you end up eating an orange. That's how they play out.

This has also been the reason why my previous posts have centered around mood based task management, mood based journalling prompts inspired by Tiago Forte.

Why cant we just do what excites us the most at present?

This does come with certain advantages. Your understanding of what specifically excites you.

And this has increasingly subtle shades over time. And gets more and more refined and streamlined.

So how do you channelize your mood to achieve goals which change over time?

Quite simple. Pick and choose from the spectrum of moods and emotions you find each day and pick the project that best needs it's use.

Just like how you have product-market fit, founder-product fit, founder-market fit, I propose a new term - mood-project fit.

Your moods change over time.

Your projects change over time.

Mood-project fit is at that sweet spot.

To channelise the current mood to the relevant project.

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