• Shreyas Prakash

Information Keto Diet for 2021

Reading news online nowadays is like drinking water from a hosepipe.

It is gushing towards you with such ferocity, and it is difficult to stop drinking.

I've been reflecting on the consumption, and wanted to cut down on this. How would an Information Keto Diet look like? What would you avoid, and what would you rather read instead?

A friend of mine recently mentioned about his approach to reading news. He follows the Wikipedia Current Events Page for the daily updates. This was such a brilliant idea.

Wikipedia is the closest we have to truth at the moment. Plain objective facts without twists and narrative distortions.

Speaking about truth, what is truth? Are facts as concrete as they seem to be.

Truth is of course evolving. As new facts emerge, they replace the previous facts.

As Karl Popper used to say, science without falsification is not science.

Falsification is not a bug, it is a feature of science.

Take astrology for example. You see the position of stars and speculate on your destiny. If that prophecy, however, doesn't come to fruition, the soothsayer can still revise his explanation on why it didn't turn out the way it was expected.

Maybe there was an eclipse that interfered with the position of the Orion. Maybe the position of Venus interfered with that of Neptune. You get the point. Astrology is subjected to falsification whereas Science is not.

Github model of iterative truth

Truth, facts and science should follow the github model of iterative truth. As soon as you notice something factually wrong, it should be easier to correct it and make it visible to everyone.

Truth, like a github repo, is ever evolving. People are forking the database of truth and making their own versions of it. But the source code and the versions are made transparent to everyone.

That's kind of like how Wikipedia works. We dont have 100% factchecked information through Wikipedia, but we are at the best position with relation to the facts at time stamp t.

Your daily fact feed

I was previously checking out a couple of apps that help you monitor website changes.

I was finding it silly to check a website daily for updates, and wondered if the bot could do the job for me. While searching for page monitoring apps, I found this app titled which helps you do just that.

It was then that it clicked. I could connect the wikipedia current news page with this app to get a daily fact feed.

So I connected wikipedia current news journal to the page monitoring site, to get my daily fact feed.

Now a postmodernist would argue that we are living in the post-truth era. The postmodernists claim that truth in itself is a social construct.

The post truth era would need post truth tools to make sense of the reality around us.

Wikipedia is the closest that we have to make sense of this world, at the moment.


Let me know if this helps you set up your daily fact feed, or if there's a better way to do the same.


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