• Shreyas Prakash

How to Capture Everything

We talk about funnels a lot. When it comes to marketing, you have marketing funnels to convert your website visitors to paid customers.

Why can't we think of the same way for our online consumption? What would be a more systematic process to convert our digital paper-trails to actionable and meaningful work?

I started breaking down my information layers and started to arrive at a funnel which helps make things more actionable. It started to feel as if things were scattered everywhere. This is an attempt to arrive at a system that funnels info from various sources — youtube videos, podcasts, online articles, meetings, twitter threads and so on.

Here's how I have manage my funnel —

  • Youtube Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Online articles

  • Meetings

  • Existing notes on various topics

  • Twitter tweets/threads

Clarity Notes for Youtube Videos

Youtube note-taking is a pain-in-the-ass. You need to pause the video, process what was told, move on to a different tab, take notes, move back to the original tab and play the video again. The level of context switching was driving me crazy, so much that I decided to build an app that could solve my own problem. Along with Abu, a developer friend of mine, we built Clarity notes that helps in frictionless Youtube note taking.

Command for Online Articles

While casually browsing across articles, I might occasionally find a snippet or a quote that I would like to pull and use it later in my essays. To make this possible, I use the Command Browser to annotate my online reading.

Snipd for Podcast Transcripts

I normally listen to podcasts while I'm doing something else. It could either be gymming or cooking. While I listen to the podcast, there might be something interesting I resonate with and would want to immediately extract. I use Snipd which provides automatic AI-transcripts in real-time to the podcasts I listen to. I can snip them easily and keep them handy. for Meeting Notes

Most of my ideas originate in a coffee table conversation with some good friends. To not miss out on those interesting ideas that just emerge automatically, I use the app on my phone to transcript the magical moments of the conversation. It also has 600 free minutes per month in the free plan (which is great!)

Twitter bookmarks

Initially, I used to save all the important ideas from Twitter to the bookmarks folder. It gave me a sense of having collected something, but resurfacing such bookmarks was proving to be a difficult task.

With the readwise integrations, it was possible to import twitter threads and tweets into my note-taking application without much friction.

Readwise, glue everything

Readwise serves as a glue which brings everything together.

All my notes, transcripts, anecdotes and annotations from various corners of the internet are properly funneled by means of Readwise.

Readwise is this magical internet glue.

All my Youtube notes stored on Clarity notes. All my Snipd transcripts of Podcasts. All my Twitter bookmarks. All my article anecdotes.

They are all funneled into my note taking software — Roam Research. This completes the information capture process of various types of media — images, videos, articles, podcasts.


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