• Shreyas Prakash

Hell yes or No

One of the most common heuristics that I take for decision making is this — It's either a Hell Yes or No. There is nothing in-between.

If you find yourself creating a spreadsheet for a decision with a list of yes’s and no’s, pros and cons, checks and balances, why this is good or bad…forget it. If you cannot decide, the answer is no.— The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

On that note, Diana Chapman has something interesting to say —

Anything other than a 'whole-body yes' is a no.

The struggle to say no is even more difficult now. Especially when we're living in times where we are checking our phone every five minutes as anxious creatures. There is a constant stream of "likes".

As Naval puts it, There is a struggle to say no when your genes always want to say yes. Yes to sugar. Yes to alcohol. Yes to drugs. Our bodies don't know how to say no.


If we are on the fence with a complicated decision which seems like a 50:50, this simple heuristic might be helpful.

If you’re evenly split on a difficult decision, take the path more painful in the short term.


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