• Shreyas Prakash

Some Improbable Facts

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Experiences, beliefs, traits, skills, etc. - that seem unlikely but are true.

I've engineered serendipity in my life by writing online essays (I've partnered with three co-founders in this way).

I am a proud grand teacher (one of my students is now teaching programming to 40 other rural students)

I had a near-death experience twice and have been having gratitude letters to most of my friends ever since.

I've got lost in rural Bhutan with no money, phone and friends and got help from an Indian army officer who knew someone who knew someone who I knew.

I've engineered serendipity in my life by writing online essays on various topics which I have deeply reflected upon (I've met three of my co-founders through such essays)

I got banned from drawing 'too many' cartoons in the classroom in fourth grade. I had inspired (or distracted?) other students to obsessively sketch cartoons in the classroom.

I've uploaded my 'brain' online by compiling notes from 250+ books and selling it for free.

I've performed a street play on alcoholism after witnessing an alcoholic husband beating up his wife in front of me.

I've also conducted an art exhibition to raise menstrual hygiene awareness. Through this artwork, I attempted to convey the stigma associated with menstrual blood. I mobilised 140+ students in my tenth grade to co-sign an open letter to prevent the felling of trees for a road extension project.


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