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2023 Derek Sivers' 50 conversations in Bangalore and Chennai — (link)

2022 Generative Art 101 — Curiosity Chronicles(link)

2022 Building Useful, Usable and Desirable Products - Seekwise (link)

​2021 Penguine Latte Podcast with Paul LeCrone (link)

​2021 Le saviez-vou…? Research Presentation on 'Dialogue for Design Teams' at the Faculty of Environmental Design at Université de Montréal

2020 Research4Tech broadcast across 11 LATAM countries – Product Feature for Sterilo (link)

​2020 IDE Academy video tour of dHive Rural Innovation Lab with TU Delft Masters students — (link)

​2019 Speaker at World Futures Festival (link)

​2019 Reinvent Podcast - Design Thinking and Education (link)

2019 Global Youth Advancement Network Summit by University of Michigan (link)

​2018 Nobel Prize Series Summit on Education Dialogues - Panelist

​2017 SEE Talks - How children could be the frontier of social innovation (dHive Labs) (link)

​2015 Pay Chen Show - Solar EV Carport (link)


2021 PRISM Grant Government of India Grant for Affordable Healthcare for UVfy ($13500)

2021 Massachussets Institute of Technology COVID India Grant for Sterilo ($500)

2018 Justus & van Effen Scholar at TU Delft (€40800)

2018 Avery Dennison Foundation Grant for dHive Labs ($3000)

2018 BAIF Foundation Grant for dHive Labs ($1100)

2017 3M India Grant for dHive Labs ($2500)

2015 Mitacs Globalink Scholar for Solar EV Carport, York University of Toronto ($6000)


Persaud, S., Prakash, S., & Flipsen, B. (2021) Dialogue for Design Teams: A Case Study for Creative Conversations Solution for Dealing with Diversity. International Conference on Product Design Education (link)

Prakash, S. (2020). Using soft robotics as a medium for gender accessible STEM education of preschoolers, TU Delft Repository (link)

Prakash, S. & Rajagopal, K. (2018) Rural Design Toolkit, BAIF Foundation (link)

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