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Life motto is to build and ship products people want.


I build with my garage door open. And writing is my thinking pad.


Like to meet new people, like to meet new objects.


2021 Google x Biodesign Challenge 2021 Semifinalist (link)


2021 DESIGN X SOCIAL Global Innovation Challenge by UMO Design (link)


2021 Best NoCode/Design Award by Xperian (link)

2021 International Conference on Product Design Education (Helsinki) (link)

2021 Digit Magazine (UVfy) (link)

2020 iF Design Talent Award (Equarun) (link)

2020 James Dyson Award Semi-finalist NL (Equarun)

2020 MIT Open COVID Challenge (Sterilo)

2020 UNICEF Ideas for Change (Reimagine India Hackathon) (link)

2020 Advisory Board Member of hundrED Innovation Summit, Helsinki (link)

2019 Philips Innovation Award Semi-finalist (dCode Labs) (link)

2018 Social Impact Award - BAIF Foundation

2015 Toronto Star - Solar EV Carport (link)


2022 Noora Health

Product Manager at Noora Health, leading a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, medical, and delivery experts to build digital health solutions for pregnant mothers from rural Bangladesh and Indonesia.

2020-2021  dVerse Innovation Labs

Co-Founder and Industrial Designer - creating UVfy, AI sterilizer for reducing risk of infections among healthcare staff

2017-2020  dHive Labs

Co-Founder and Curriculum Designer - creating an design education curriculum for children from marginalized communities

2019 Somnox

Designed Remembrandt, a tactile apron for improving sleep cycles for persons with dementia

2018  Stitching Running Blind

Functionality Designer & Project Lead - Created an assistive device for deaf and blind runners

2018  dCode Labs

Created a screen-free coding toy for children of age 6 to 9

2017-2018  SBI Foundation

Rural Development Fellow - Skill based training for rural youth to tackle unemployment


2018-2020  M.Sc Integrated Product Design, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

2012-2016  B.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering, National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NIT Trichy), India

2015 Research Scholar on Solar EV Charging Stations, York University of Toronto, Canada


2022 Generative Art 101 — Curiosity Chronicles(link)

2022 Building Useful, Usable and Desirable Products - Seekwise (link)

2021 Penguine Latte Podcast with Paul LeCrone (link)

2021 Le saviez-vou…? Research Presentation on 'Dialogue for Design Teams' at the Faculty of Environmental Design at Université de Montréal

2020 Research4Tech broadcast across 11 LATAM countries – Product Feature for Sterilo (link)

2020 IDE Academy video tour of dHive Rural Innovation Lab with TU Delft Masters students — (link)

2019 Speaker at World Futures Festival (link)

2019 Reinvent Podcast - Design Thinking and Education (link)

2019 Global Youth Advancement Network Summit by University of Michigan (link)

2018 Nobel Prize Series Summit on Education Dialogues - Panelist 

2017 SEE Talks - How children could be the frontier of social innovation (dHive Labs) (link)

2015 Pay Chen Show - Solar EV Carport (link)


2021 PRISM Grant Government of India Grant for Affordable Healthcare for UVfy ($13500)

2021 Massachussets Institute of Technology COVID India Grant for Sterilo ($500)


2018 Justus & van Effen Scholar at TU Delft (€40800)


2018 Avery Dennison Foundation Grant for dHive Labs ($3000)


2018 BAIF Foundation Grant for dHive Labs ($1100)


2017 3M India Grant for dHive Labs ($2500)


2015 Mitacs Globalink Scholar for Solar EV Carport, York University of Toronto ($6000)


2012 Vijayalakshmi Trust Scholarship Awardee (€4500)


Persaud, S., Prakash, S., & Flipsen, B. (2021) Dialogue for Design Teams: A Case Study for Creative Conversations Solution for Dealing with Diversity. International Conference on Product Design Education (link)

Prakash, S. (2020). Using soft robotics as a medium for gender accessible STEM education of preschoolers, TU Delft Repository (link)


Prakash, S. & Rajagopal, K. (2018) Rural Design Toolkit, BAIF Foundation (link)


2023 Contrary Reads — Spicy takes on design, productivity and indie making (link)

2023 Digital Garden — Uploading my brain online to connect my thoughts (link)

2022 BuildCamps Dharamshala —Learn, hike and camp your way to a side project in 7 days! (link)

2022 Side Project Playbook — Free operational guide to go from ideation to launching a side project! (link)

2022 Build Cohort — Launch your side hustle in 4 weeks (link)

2022 PromptHero — Make your AI artwork 10x more nuanced (link)

2022 The HustlersA curated weekly email with stories of people from around the world making money while having a full-time job (link)

2022 Buildcamps — Build and launch a side project while vacationing in Goa (link)

2021 Metahuman - Bio-synthetic skin interface for emotional connection (link)

2021 Clarity - Note taking app for Youtube (link)

2021 Build This - Platform to match Builders with Entrepreneurs (link)

2021 Futures Festival 2021 - Achieving Positive Impact through collective journeys (link)

2021 Campfire Book Club - Social Book Club experience (link)

2021 India Fights COVID - Doctor-verified COVID Wiki (link)

2021 UVfy - AI based UV-C Disinfection for Hospitals (link)

2020 Silly Stompers - Gender accessible Soft Robotic Toys (link)

2020 Sterilo - Surface Steriliser for COVID-care hospitals (link)

2020 Shake Up The World Podcast - Utopian Futures (link)

2020 Dialogue Techniques to improve outcomes of diverse design teams (link)

2020 Double Loop Learning (link)

2020 Reimagine India - Education Hackathon post-COVID (link)

2019 Remembrandt - Improving sleep cycle for Persons with Dementia (link)

2019 Human Gait Detection - ML model for detecting human gaits (link)

2019 dCode Wundermind - Screen free coding toy for kids (link)

2018 Equarun - Haptic assistive device for deafblind runners (link)

2018 Heliosk - Vertically stacked organic photovoltaics (link)

2018 Dark Mode energy consumption of various screens/devices (link)

2017 dHive Labs - Design education for marginalized children (link)

2017 dHive Makerspace - World's first children-led makerspace (link)

2017 Gravitas - Gravity based light for rural toilets (link)

2017 Chanapatna Toys (A musical instrument) (link)

2016 Solar 2.5D printer (link)

2015 Solar EV Carport (link)

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"Successfully involved in the design of York University’s first solar charging station for electric vehicles and distinguished himself in all the assigned research tasks"

Jose Etcheverry

Board of Governors, York University


"The project was challenging and difficult. Shreyas turned out to be a born leader, organizer and communicator."

1517743599296 1.png

Netty Dorrestijn

Chair, Stitching Running Blind

Group 187.png

"Good combi of leadership with hard work. Worked with outstanding autonomy to deliver to-the-point results"

Stefan van de Geer

Lecturer at IDE, TU Delft

Group 193.png
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download (1).png

"Provided us with a detailed report, gave us insights on the players in the field and created an overview of the route to the market"

1517751680449 1.png

Christien Zeijlstra

Innovation Manager, Lamb Weston

1516245925089 1.png

"Provided us valuable recommendations to improve our current customer experience and provided us a list of best practises in the market in the form of case studies."

Frank Benckhuijsen

Service Manager, Konica Minolta


"Good job in doing exactly what we asked. We are going to see which of your ideas we are going to adopt. Thanks! "

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Myriam Geus

Business Specialist, De Goudse

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