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On Self Marketing

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Marketing in other words is using the technology of ‘language’ in devious ways. Towards manipulation and subterfuge. Atleast that’s how I understood it.

This was when I was wondering if the power of marketing could be turned upside down.

Towards yourself?

Let me explain in a bit with my own use case.

(Get up) - (Read Books) - (Take a shower) - (Phone calls) - (Eat Breakfast)

How boring does this all sound? Half way through I lose all my excitement towards the day and end up not doing anything at all.

Now how about I use the same language which you get to see in advertisements?

(Get up) becomes (Rise and Shine!)

(Read Book) becomes (Enjoy a book)

(Finish report) becomes (Get to see a completed report!)

And so on..

Framing is a very powerful weapon used in various places directly or indirectly. Words pop up images in your mind. Different words pop different images. It’s as simple as that.

The image which pops up when I say ‘climate change’ is very different from the image which pops us when I say ‘global warming’, even though both essentially mean the same. (This article, Why It Matters How We Frame The Environment by Geoge Lakoff talks about this in deep)

(Enjoy a book) triggers different images, as compared to (Read a book), making it more interesting for you to complete a task.

Which is what marketing does to you as well. Rebranding, relabelling and repackaging the same darn thing.

Only this time around, you might actually fall for it?


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