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I've built diverse projects in fields ranging from web3, online courses, synthetic interfaces, book clubs, medical devices and EV charging stations. This is the entire list. All the new, old, archived, disbanded, fresh, unused, hidden, and famous projects.

Here is the entire list of them all.

Some of them were also disbanded or discarded. I would still keep them in this organisation as they are an important part of what I've been able to build so far :)

2022 BuildCamps Dharamshala

Learn, hike and camp your way to a side project in 7 days!

2022 Side Project Playbook

Free operational guide to go from ideation to launching a side project

2022 Generative AI Masters

Generative AI Masters – The Ultimate Gen AI Stack
We are seeing a Cambrian explosion in the rise of AI products.5-10 products are launched everyday in this exciting new space of generative AI.For the past five months, I’ve been dabbling my hands in this bleeding edge of innovation, bookmarking links left and right in trying to organise them.Generat…

2022 Build Cohort

Launch your side hustle in 4 weeks

2022 PromptHero

Make your AI artwork 10x more nuanced

2022 The Hustlers

A curated weekly email with stories of people from around the world making money while having a full-time job

2022 Buildcamps

Build and launch a side project while vacationing in Goa


2022 Heartmail

Send handwritten love letters to internet strangers

2022 Noora Glossary

An internal app for Noora Health to help the translation team easily retrieve relevant keywords in various languages.

2022 YAGMI Club

Web3 based social goal setting platform

2021 Metahuman

Bio-synthetic skin interface for emotional connection

2021 Clarity Notes

2021 Futures Festival

Achieving Positive Impact through collective journeys

2021 Campfire Book Club

Tiny social book club experiences

2021 India Fights COVID

Doctor verified COVID Wiki

2021 UVfy

AI based UV-C Disinfection for Hospitals

2020 Silly Stompers

Using soft robotics as a medium for gender accessible STEM education of preschoolers

2020 Sterilo

Surface Steriliser for COVID-care hospitals

2020 Shake Up The World Podcast

Utopian Futures around the future of everything

‎Shake Up The World on Apple Podcasts
‎Society & Culture · 2021

2020 Dialogue Techniques

Research Paper published on the dialogue Techniques used to improve outcomes of diverse design teams

2020 Double Loop Learning

2020 Reimagine India

​Reimagine India was a hackathon designed to allow children to participate in this conversation and come up with creative ways to solve the challenges facing the Indian education sector. From the hackathon, one of the motivated teams pursued the solution proposed beyond the hackathon which was then recognised by UNICEF as one of the Top 30 most inspiring Ideas of Change.

2020 Download My Brain

Uploading my Brain Online
This is how I imagined myself reading books before: Once I finished a book, to be honest, I didnt remember much. Maybe some points here and there, but not so vivid. I’ve always had this notion that there was a leaky hole down there somewhere and all that I was reading was slowly disappearing from my…

2019 Remembrandt

Improving sleep cycle for Persons with Dementia

2019 Human Gait Detection

ML model for detecting human gaits

2018 Equarun

Haptic assistive device for deafblind runners

2018 dCode Wundermind

dCode WunderMind is an educational toy that helps children aged 6 to 9 to learn coding concepts, through a completely screen free  and tactile interface.

2018 Heliosk

Vertically stacked organic photovoltaics

2018 Dark Mode Energy

Effect of dark mode on the energy consumption of various devices

2017 Book Published | Rural Design Toolkit for children

Designing Technologies for the community with children: Theoretical reflections and practical inquiry towards a co-design toolkit.
Rural Design Toolkit : Shreyas Prakash, Krishna Thiruvengadam : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Designing Technologies for the community with children: Theoretical reflections and practical inquiry towards a co-design toolkit.

2017 Design Education for the Marginalised

2017 Children led rural makerspace

2016 Gravitas

Gravity based light for rural toilets

2016 Chanapatna Toys

2016 Solar EV Carport

As a Research Assistant at York university of Toronto, Ontario. I was part of the SEI (Sustainable Energy Initiative) team that constructed a Solar Charging station for electric vehicles comprising of a 6.84 kW solar array.

2016 Solar 2.5D Printer


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