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On Smart Contracts

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We built a web3 based smart-contract based habit tracker to help everyone achieve their goals. The concept is simple. Get your work done by increasing the stakes of losing. Stake $MATIC with your accountability partner and get back the money if you upload your proof-of-work.

Team: Shreyas (Product design and conceptualisation), Karthika (Product designer), Deepti (Illustrator), Abu (Developer)

Responsiblities: Visioning, Userflows, Wireframes, Visual Design, Prototypes

Prototype: Yagmi Prototype
Website: YAGMI (The updated website hasn’t been released yet and we will be launching soon)Target Users

  1. Anyone who wants to build a habit or wants to accomplish a particular set of goals
  2. Communities focussed on activities such as marathon, athletics, scuba diving etc.

Set a goal. Set a deadline. Set a price. If you fail, you pay.

All this is made possible by verifying proof of work through smart  contracts.

What's a proof of work?

If you're running a 4K marathon, the proof of work is an evidence of you having completed the task.

It could be running logs, GPS coordinates, snapshots of you taking selfies after climbing Mount Everest. Anything that could help your accountability partner verify that you have made it!

In this way, the accountability partner tracks progress and verifies using smart contracts.

How did it get started?

I worked on this project as a part of my Web 3 Cohort BuildOnChain with Karthika and Abu. We wanted to build a system which will help users achieve their goals and if they fail to do so, they pay.

Hence came YAGMI, short form for— You are going to make it, a web3 spin on social accountability by staking money. We realised that staking money adds more ‘seriousness’ towards our goals and actions. Money is an excellent motivation because let’s be honest losing money feels terrible. We want users to have skin-in-the-game while setting up ambitious goals.

Why web3 though?

The whole system will run on smart contracts, which means:

The contract is immutable, i.e. both goal setter and accountability partner have to follow the rules.

Inspired by Pieter Levels' Go Fucking Do It. We felt that a web3 alternative to this could provide an interesting spin to smart contract use cases!
From one of the discord conversations on the utility of a smart-contract based goal tracking system

What was the goal?

We wanted to help people accomplish their tasks in a way which doesn’t feel overwhelming. Additionally we wanted to ensure that goal setters remains serious about accomplishing their goals by having tangible impact based on the outcome (win/lose)

Since money is involved in the whole flow, we wanted to ensure that users alway feel complete control of their money put in stake.

Trust was an emotion we designed the entire user flow and the platform on so that people could  more comfortable using this staking platform.

Design process

We created the user flows on Miro for the two segments of users who will be using YAGMI.

User flow for the goal setter

User flow for the goal tracker

Homescreen iterations

Dashboard iterations

Brand emotions

Before jumping on to visual designs we wanted define the emotions we wanted to convey through Yagmi, after talking with other people who struggle with procrastination these were the emotions we zeroed down.

😇 Empathy

🤗 Trust

🤩 Encouragement

We wanted to make sure our platform is a place where the users feels at ease and happy to complete the goals.

Brand Colours

We decided on proceeding with following primary colours which we identified with our brand emotions


To make sure that the user doesn’t feel alone in his journey and to make the whole process more interactive for both goal setters as well as the goal trackers, we used enojis to indicate the state of mind of the user.

Proof of work uploaded and verified? 🤩

Proof of work uploaded but yet to be verified? 😅

Proof of work uploaded but rejected by the goal tracker? 🥺

We used emojis if any key steps is taken.

NFTs for signalling

We were also  looking for incentives that tie well with goal setters accomplishing goals. To provide a social incentive for them spreading the word, we provided an NFT for helping individuals signal the achievement.


Final designs overview

Regarding certain key decisions regarding the landing page, we wanted to ensure that most of the key actions were covered in the very first fold of the landing page.

Informing how much extra $MATIC will be charged in gas fee helps us set user’s expectations right and feel in control.

Following law of common region we kept the invite link for accountability partner near the field where the Goal setter can put his accountability partner’s wallet address.

We made sure that every step the user is alway secure and aware of the status of their $MATIC staked.

Goal setters dashboard

The emoticons helps in making sure that the key steps are less overwhelming for the user.

Using bold text in a contrasting colour helps grabs user attentions and let them know the step of the process they are in. The user is well informed the status of their $MATIC throughout the process to ease their anxiety.

Goal trackers dashboard

We used heart and thumbs down emoticons to make the dashboard feel more emotionally grounded. The affordance of links ensures that any form of proof of work can be submitted (image, video, texts, notion document etc)

YAGMI Figma Prototype

Future Scope

Our plan for the future is to make YAGMI DAO for high achievers where people who have achieved feats or discipline can come together. We imagine this to be an eventual P2P network of peers who verify the proof of work of each other accomplishing their goals in a decentralised way.


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