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On Creative Side Hustles

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Side hustles can make you five figure incomes on the internet. Here are 95+ creative side hustle ideas ranging from AI generated comics, couch petsitting, virtual babysitting to even plasma donations.

Side hustles can make you five figure incomes on the internet. Here are 95+ creative side hustle ideas ranging from AI generated comics, couch petsitting, virtual babysitting to even plasma donations.

Couch Surfing with Pets

Pet sitting is slowly picking up steam. You can already find a lot of Instagrammers travelling round the world for free with pet sitting. Here's an example of a website that allows you that —

Dog Walking

Gig economy is opening up opportunities to each and every task. This is something pet lovers could watch out for. Find opportunities to do walk pets near your locality through sites such as

Freelance gigs

This is quite straightforward. Trade your time for money. Productise your skills through freelance platforms such as and I've recently started to offset some of my personal design work on Fiverr.

Get paid to watch movies

Yes, you heard it right! Here are some sites which I found that pays you to watch and categorise movies — and

Design your own agency

After you start trading your time for money, you look for ways to productive your skills. Agencies are a great way to leverage that. Angad has a CBC helping people start their own agency.

Launch your eBooks

1. Create the basic structure of your content on Google docs 2. Create basic layout on Canva 3. Publish on Amazon KDP as you print on demand delivery. Hassan is someone to watch out for in this space. 16+ books on Amazon 🤯

Launch your CBC

Cohort Based Courses are changing the game of online education. They are bi-directional, live and interactive.


Designing memes

If we rewind five years back and ask someone to see this job description of a 'Master Meme Maker' they might have instantly scoffed at this instantly.

Web3 bounty hunting

There are a wide variety of opportunities for web3 bounties through platforms such as — 1. bepro.network2. layer3.xyz3.

Offline event hosting

There are various platforms such as eventbrite, paytm insider and mello that allows such event hosting services. Here is an example of an artist organising mural painting activities in Bangalore —

At a recent mural painting workshop in Bangalore

Mentoring 101

There are various well-established platforms such as where you can get paid to get on 1:1 calls with community members

Substack newsletter subscriptions has disrupted the field of independent journalism. A lot of writers are now able to quite their full-time jobs through a recurring subscription model.

Video editing gigs.

More and more Youtube creators are looking to seek support from freelancers to offload their video editing/youtube thumbnail design work. Plenty of opportunity as the creator economy grows.

Professional Threadoors

Yes, even Twitter thread writers. Nobody has time. But everyone wants attention. Twitter Ghostwriting is becoming more and more lucrative.



Ali Abdaal and Matt D'Avella are great examples. They have gone ahead to create consistent streams of value apart from Youtube such as— ebooks, courses and even physical merchandises. Content is king. Attention is queen.

Newsletter ads  

Another alternative way of creating a good income source with a sizeable following is by running curated ads through platforms such as Swapstack. Advertisers reach out to you to feature ads of their interest.

Harness the growth power of creator audiences | Welcome to Swapstack
Swapstack enables you to identify and sponsor newsletters at scale, without wasting time

Power Google Searching

Good at google search? Join the wonder platform as a researcher to get paid through your google search skills.

Wonder is your personal research assistant. Save time by getting detailed answers and resources delivered to your inbox by a trusted network of researchers.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a no-brainer. And there are so many platforms already out there — —

More Sales. Less Work
Home - ClickBank
ClickBank is a leading global retailer with its own marketplace. We enable sellers & entrepreneurs to grow their sales with our global affiliate network.

Gumroad products

Daniel Vassallo is a legend when it comes to this. There is a wider trend of 'Small-bettors' making a portfolio of small-bets by selling various digital products

Creator Spotlight: Daniel Vassallo’s Success on Gumroad
In the past 16 months, Daniel Vassallo has grown his Twitter account from zero to 35,000 followers. In the past six months, he’s made $190,000 on Gumr

Fractionalised Executive Roles

Executives and other C-suite professionals are also fractionalising their expertise. Forbes featured this growing trend of companies hiring fractional C-suite roles.

Council Post: The Benefits Of Hiring A Fractional CMO (And How To Choose One)
You need a chief marketing officer — a CMO — to take responsibility for all marketing endeavors. But CMOs require salaries many mid-sized businesses can’t afford.

Transcribing audio/video And Upwork (of course)

Transcribe Speech to Text | Rev
Transcribe Speech to Text with Rev. Reach your audience with clear and accurate captions, transcripts, and subtitles.

Etsy homemade products

Your craftmaking skills could be productized too. Kate Hayes, a popular Youtuber makes $9,500 per month on Etsy.

Swiggy Mini store

[INDIA specific] — Set up your own ecommerce store and sell almost anything such as (apparel, beauty, home decor, home chefs, etc)

Set up your own print on demand store here — are some options :)

Printify Drop Shipping & Printing Service for E-commerce
Sell custom t-shirts, phone cases, and 750+ products with your designs printed on demand. We will handle printing and shipping to your customers.

Product Reviews

Sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program and get paid to review products and brands. Associates Central
Join the Associates Programme and start earning money today. The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs, with over 900,000 members joining worldwide. If you are a Web site owner, an Amazon seller, or a Web developer, you can start earn…

Book Review Gigs

Ambient music videos

You might have already listened to the LoFi girl on Youtube? Make your own version through /

Interviewee gigs

User Interviews | The User Research Recruiting Platform for Teams
Recruit users from our audience of 2.4 million vetted consumers and professionals, or bring your own audience and build a participant database for any type of UX research.

Freelance content writing services

Allows you to start as an author and start publishing from the get go

Content Writing Service by Experts | Textbroker
Order quality content from Textbroker´s content writing service. We deliver unique articles: fast, scalable & affordable for various industries.

Game Playtesting

Sign up as a playtester and get paid to play games.

Content Writing Service by Experts | Textbroker
Order quality content from Textbroker´s content writing service. We deliver unique articles: fast, scalable & affordable for various industries.

Pay per hour freelancer gigs

Have two hours free? Join their portal and leverage your skills across illustrations, photography, content writing, SEO etc, etc. - Hire Freelancers Online & Find Freelance Work
Get any project done on PeoplePerHour - the #1 freelancing community. Post a project for free to find professional freelancers and find freelance jobs in minutes!

Answer surveys

Complete short surveys while standing in line, or waiting for a subway. Get rewarded with Google Play or PayPal credit for each one you complete.

Google Opinion Rewards - It Pays to Share Your Opinion

Photo Click Gigs

Make money by posting pictures from your phone on this platform.

ClickASnap Maintenance

Puzzle Book Sells

1. Generate copyright free puzzles on

2. Publish on Amazon through Amazon KDP (The image below is an example of a brain health bestseller). So many options to explore niche puzzles such as sudoku etc.

Etsy Colouring Books

Again, similar to the brain puzzle example shown earlier. A lot of copyright free content is already available with regards to colouring book illustrations. Folks are creating books in no time using resources such as Canva etc

English reading gigs

Make money by reading in english ACX as a platform helps turn books into audiobooks. I've seen some folks gaming this by using Google translate. Not sure about the credibility of this though.


Virtual Assistant  

Get hired as a virtual assistant in various platforms such as 1. 2. 3. 4.


Stock image photography

It's absolutely free to register with most of these royalty free agencies. Ideal for photographers. Eg—,

Data entry

There are tons of platforms that enables such tasks — 1. Amazon mechanical Turk ( 2. Scribie.com3. capitaltyping.com4.

Virtual babysitting  

Get paid to do virtual babysitting.

Chat as a Service  

Join in as a tutor and get paid to chat with people

English Tutors Online - Cambly
Cambly gives you instant access to native English speakers over video chat, so you can learn and gain confidence!

Focus Group Participation

Apex focus group pays upto 75$ in one week for Focus Group Participation

Apex Focus Group - Part-Time Focus Group Participants - Remote Work From Home

Etsy Digital Planners

Use tools such as to do a keyword-product fit Find commercial use resources such as planners, stickers and other printables from This can then be used to make printables through Amazon KDP

Home - EverBee Best Products To Sell On Etsy
Find The Best Products To Sell On Etsy In Seconds. Grow your Etsy sales by selling things people WANT.
PLR Planners - Build a Low Content Book Publishing Empire | Commercial Use Design Resources

Framer plugins

Framer websites is taking the design world by storm. Webflow, Wordpress plugins and templates are getting pretty saturated. People are looking to buy more ready to use Framer templates. It's a great space to be in.


Pinterest affiliate marketing

Pinterest post lifespan is longer than Facebook/Twitter. Optimised pins on Pinterest receive engagement even after a year. This is a good way to promote affiliate links by finding terms on

Notion templates

We have seen a rise of various content creators making great income through Notion templates. You have @easlo, @notionway and @augustbradley creating various productivity systems through notion.

Design assets

Sell various digital assets ranging from procreate brushes to canva templates through these platforms — —


Patreon memberships  

Patreon helps creatos maximise their earnings through memberships. Here's an example of how Jordan peterson does it —

One product Shopify stores

One such example is that of the 'adventure challenge' for couples. This sole product  captured the 'couple games' search trend and became a quick hit.


AI Prompting

You might have already seen the magic witnessed by ChatGPT We already have a lot of magic wands through AI. What we need are more wizards to write great prompts. Here's a marketplace for that. Sell your prompts for a price.

PromptBase | Prompt Marketplace: DALL·E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion & GPT-3
A marketplace for quality DALL·E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion & GPT-3 Prompts. Find the best prompts, produce better results, save on API costs, make money selling prompts.

Faceless YouTube automation

1. Hire someone to do the script through freelancing platforms 2. Hire someone to do the storyboard 3. Publish them on Youtube through text-to-audio and pexels for copyright free images.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel In 2022

Airbnb marketing agency

As an airbnb owner myself, I had to do a lot of head-wringing to ensure that my airbnb home is consistently listed on the top. Most of the airbnb owners want such services to rank their homes on the top.

Rent (almost anything)

Rent what you own through Fat Lamma. Any of your household items could be put on rent.

How it works | Rent (almost) anything

Renting cars

Along the same line of renting (almost anything), you could also put your car up for renting on a per hour basis through Zoomcar. This is a neat example of how a depreciating liability is converted to an appreciating asset.

Website testing

Get paid to test websites and apps

User Research Userlytics
Leverage our state-of-the-art user research platform and global panel of more than 1.6 million to improve your customer and user experience.

Vacation Promotions

Get paid to sign up as a affiliate and promote specific hotels through this initiative.

Hotel Affiliate Program by - Earn money on your website
Join’s free Affiliate Partner Program and connect your business to the world’s largest online travel booking website.

Mukbang videos

Mukbang is an Youtube trend that started in South Korea of people recording themselves eat food. You could access restaurant mystery shopping gigs to do mukbang. Eg—,,


Emerging from the dropshipping trend, it's a new model where (a) find a service that sells well online (b) get freelancers to develop that service inhouse with different pricing and packaging

Airbnb rental arbitrage

This is a practise of renting Airbnb properties and subletting them. Airbnb rental arbitrage is legal depending on the locations and conditions. It's better to cross check the rental agreement before subletting them.

Power Washing

Cost of equipment comes around $350 Codie Sanchez in her blog talks about how this comes out to be beginner friendly with lesser risk of failures Examples — r/powerwashingporn

I grew a side hustle’s revenue by $4.1 million in 10 minutes
​view in browser​ ​ ​ We’re back again, and this time we have a framework you can steal for any side hustle or business you have. We’re here so you can copy my homework. R&D...

Airbnb Experiences

Have an interesting hobby which you want to share with a wider audience? Convert your hobby to income through Airbnb experiences. Found this guide to be an interesting resource for creating Airbnb experiences —

FREE GUIDE! Make an income with Airbnb without renting your houses: Airbnb Experiences
You know how to rent your room from Airbnb but do you know that you can turn your passions & skills to an income with ” Airbnb Experiences “?This little guide will introduce you to the world of Airbnb Experience, detailed video course coming soon.Follow me for details :…

Domain Flipping

Domains are purchased on platforms such as namecheap, godaddy, bluehost, flippa etc and are flipped on platforms such as Afternic, Dan, Sedo etc

ENS flipping

As your ENS domain becomes your decentralised identity, ENS marketplaces are sprouting up in large numbers. What you see happening with web2 domain names is happening with web3 ENS domains.

Job Listing Platforms

Find niche job lookouts laser focussed on location (X), profession (Y) or even on features (Z) Eric Turner makes $60K a month through Japan Dev, a platform for developers seeking jobs in japan

Local itenary guides

Create Local itenary books on your places of interest You can compile all these locale guides together as well such as  (cc @pranavsinghania ) h


Children’s storybooks

If you're good with illustrations, you could design and sell your own children's storybooks. If not, get freelancers on fiverr, upwork Jason has made storybooks


Automated Comic Books on Amazon

Deliver seasonal Christmas trees

GPT generated Youtube videos

Now people can create a youtube channel and — ask GPT3 to come up with youtube ideas and scripts — use a bot voice to read them along with images and videos generated by AI. — write a script to automate every post

Stream your life on twitch

Streamers on Twitch are making side income through (a) affiliates (b) customised merchandise (c) donations (d) sponsorships and even (e) game tournament winnings

Virtual bookkeeping

Some platforms which include  Xendoo, Bookkeeper360 etc

At xendoo, we take the hassle out of bookkeeping with reliable tech and a dedicated team. Get started with online bookkeeping and accounting services today.

Online tutoring

Businessmen in Hong Kong and the Middle East pay up to $25 an hour for someone to talk to them in English, helping them improve their skills. Platforms such as enable students to get tutoring on their homeworks

Lesson Plans

Sell your lesson plans as a teacher at

Amazon furniture assembly

Amazon charges an extra fee for “assembly” and farms the work to independent contractors nearby. A typical build takes about an hour.

Odd Job Completion

Get paid for completing odd jobs through TaskRabbit

Amazon Flex

Get paid for providing package delivery through Amazon Flex

Custom illustrations for weddings

Make customised illustrations for events. I've been observing this trend of artists on Instagram making such commisioned pieces. This is from a wedding illustration artist on Instagram —

Car Wrapping  

Wrap your car with advertisements

Wrapify | Performance-Driven OOH
Wrapify, the performance-driven ad tech platform for brands powered by OOH and the gig-economy.

Packaging as a service

We all have faced the dread when it comes to moving houses. While moving, we tend to purchase cardboard boxes which are one-time purchases. There are businesses which are offering cardboard boxes as a rental for house moving needs

Clinical trials

Join platforms such as to join their paid clinical trials thereby supporting future patients

At CSL Plasma, one of the largest plasma collectors in the world with more than 270 centers, donors can earn up to $1,100 during their first month. You can also check out

Home - Donating Plasma
Find a Plasma Donation Center | CSL Plasma
CSL Plasma has over 300 donation centers. Find a location near you to donate plasma today and make a difference. Donating plasma is fast, easy, and saves lives.

Reporting RoboCalls

When you're in the middle of something and you receive an automated call, it's downright annoying. Reporting robocalls which are breaking regulations and norms in US is actually a creative side hustle.

“I’ve Made $40,000 going after illegal robocallers.” (Side Hustle #84)
A guide on making money from illegal robocalls and robo callers by Steve Baus - who’s made $40,000 in his spare time going after them!

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